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VIP Edition. Mon-Sat: 11am -9pm | Sun: 12pm-7pm (905) 554-6854. Full of high-powered reprints and fan favourites, Double Masters contains the some of the most beloved - and feared - Magic: The Gathering cards ever created. Each Double Masters Booster Box contains 24 Booster Packs and 2 full-art box toppers. [Pre-Order] Exclusive VIP Halloween Meet and Greet with Kane Hodder aka Jason Voorhees Oct 31th. VIP Edition replaces Collector Boosters (for Double Masters only).33 Cards + 2 Foil Double-Sided Tokens2 foil borderless cards (not available in foil in any other Double Masters product)2 foil rares or mythics8 foil uncommons9 foil commons12 full-art basic lands (2 are foil)2 foil double-sided tokens 9 foil commons. Box toppers are numbered #333-372, VIP Edition full-art basic lands are #373-382, and the prerelease promos Wrath of God and Chord of Calling are #383 and #384. Toronto Game Shop. THIS IS CURBSIDE/IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY* Each Double Masters VIP Edition Pack contains 35 cards: 2 foil showcase cards. 2 foil rares or mythics. TOO POWERFUL. Contents: 33 cards + 2 foil tokens 2 foil borderless rares/mythic rares (only found in VIP edition) 2 foil rares/mythic rares 8 foil uncommons 9 foil commons 10 full-art basic lands (only found in VIP edition, 2 of each basic) 2 foil full-art basic lands (only found in VIP edition, 2 randomly selected from among the 10 $94.34 $94.34; Release Date: August 7, 2020; Description: VIP Edition replaces Collector Boosters (for Double Masters only). Out of Stock. 2 foil full-art basic lands. Each package contains: 2 foil showcase rares or mythics 8 foil uncommons 9 foil commons 12 full-art basic lands (2 are foil) 2 foil double-sided tokens Draft Boosters. Clip the UPC code off your Double Masters VIP Edition product with scissors. Each Booster Pack contains 15 random cards: • 8 commons • 3 uncommons • 2 rares or mythic rares • 2 foil cards For one Double Masters VIP Edition Booster Box. Double Masters VIP Pack Pre-order. The VIP Edition Boosters replaces the Collector Boosters for this set only! 8 foil uncommons. Address the envelope to Wizards of the Coast at: Wizards of the Coast Each Double Masters Draft Booster Box contains 2 special box topper cards with beautiful full-art treatments. $60.00. 10 full-art basic lands. Box Contents:21 premium cards10 Full-art basic lands2 Full-art premium lands2 tokens This a pre-order item that will be available for pick up on August 7th. 112 Main St N, Markham, ON L3P 1Y1, Canada. In addition to double the rares and foils in every pack, every box of Double Masters comes with two (TWO!) POP! 2 foil double-sided tokens Double Masters contains 332 cards (91 commons, 80 uncommons, 121 rares, 40 mythic rares) and includes randomly inserted premium versions of all cards. $199.99. *THIS ITEM WILL NOT BE SHIPPED. Each VIP Edition pack contains 33 Cards and 2 Foil Double-Sided Tokens:Contents:2 foil showcase rares or mythics2 foil rares or mythics8 foil uncommons9 foil commons12 full-art basic lands (2 are foil) We are only able to ship this product to United States, Virgin Islands (US), … 3 [Pre-Order] Weird Science Poster 11x17 Signed by Anthony Michael Hall. VIP Edition replaces Collector Boosters (for Double Masters only). non-foil showcase box toppers, which are pulled from a pool of forty fan-favorite cards in beautiful full-art treatments. Every booster box of Double Masters contains 24 booster packs, each with … You can pre-order your box and packs with the links down below! Double Masters will be available for pickup on August 7th. Members, log in to see discounted member price. Top Sellers. MTG Double Masters VIP Box (Pre-order August 7, 2020) C$549.95 Price. Three Kingdoms Games. Drop both the UPC code and the address in a standard business envelope with valid postage. Release Date: August 7, 2020. Markham Game Shop. Three Kingdoms Games - Toronto. Write the best address for us to mail you the Double Masters booster on a piece of paper or 3x5 card.

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