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Some plants develop burgundy stripes along the edges of the leaves. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Once it begins flowering, however, this plant will provide you with years of delight. How to Grow Strelitzia Reginae in Containers. Strelitzia is a superb plant that comes from the tropics, boasting simply magnificent flowers and nicely dense leafage. The bird of paradise is a very impressive houseplant that is a lot easier to care for than people think. You can cut back on watering during this time. This can be done by dividing mature plants or removing rooted suckers and offsets in late February and March. Vriesea Splendens, Tillandsia, Billbergia, Guzmania, Aechmea Fasciata and others. This plant demands bright, yet indirect, sunlight year-round. The specific epithet reginae means queen. the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9. 020 3176 5800 From the end of November the root zone should be allowed to become fairly dry between watering. The most important thing to do for a Strelitzia is to plant it somewhere that suits its needs, and it will mostly take care of the rest. Success rate is about 95%, and most plants flower within 9 months. They rarely perform well as houseplants, as … Before you sow, soak them for a few hours in luke warm water and then nick with a knife or scratch with sandpaper the seed coat, to further speed up germination. Leaves are bushy and wide, growing up to 2 feet long and 12in (30cm) in width. The seed has a really thick coat and if you sow it without any preparation you could be waiting a long time. Reginae produces yellow blooms and only grow to 6ft where as the aforementioned Nicolai grow to 30ft and adorn white flowers. Propagation from division should produce flower plants much more quickly. Blooming can be almost continuous from early spring into early fall, provided the plant is cared for. It has blue and white flowers and can grow to as much as 33ft (10m) tall! Join the RHS today and support our charitable work, Keep track of your plants with reminders & care tips – all to help you grow successfully, For the latest on RHS Shows in 2020 and 2021, read more, RHS members get free access to RHS Gardens, Free entry to RHS members at selected times », Reduced prices on RHS Garden courses and workshops, Our Garden Centres and online shops are packed with unique and thoughtful gifts and decorations to make your Christmas sparkle, General enquiries * Normal room temperature in the growing season; about 55 F/13°C in the winter rest period. When propagating from seed, it will take the newly formed plant up to three years to begin blooming. Strelitzia Reginae. During the winter months, you can mist the leaves of the plants to simulate rainfall, which will also improve humidity during the months that artificial heating is used. That means a sunny position, at worst part shade, with free draining soil. It frames clusters of long somewhat blue green surrenders, over to 27.6 inches (70 cm) long and up to 11.8 inches (30 cm) wide, that are erect on long stalks. This plant requires little encouragement to bloom, happy with enough light and water for its needs. Leaf shredding When growing specimens outside ensure that they are placed in a sheltered spot. It has blue and orange flowers and grows to around 4ft (1.5m). It is the most cold tolerant and resilient. Strelitzia nicolai is a giant Bird of Paradise. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Roseopicta, C. Zebrina, C. Crocata, C. Makoyana, C Lancifolia and others. Also, re-pot young plants which are growing early spring. S. reginae - S. reginae is an exotic, tender, evergreen perennial. Apply a liquid feed, sold for using on houseplants, fortnightly. Flowering: Once flowering begins in early spring, each plant will produce up to six flowers in succession, with each flower being long-lived. Temperature is an important factor for growth and varies from species to species. It makes a striking addition to your conservatory. They will need plenty of water during the summer month. Growing Strelitzia reginae Grow . Strelitzia reginae is a native to the eastern coastlines of southern Africa, where it grows wild in patches that are sometimes miles across. Strelitzia reginae is commonly known as the bird of paradise flower. Bird of paradise, Bird of paradise flower , Crane flower . They rarely perform well as houseplants, as the atmosphere tends to be too dry, Plants benefit from ventilation once the temperature reaches 20°C (68°F) and above, or better still place them outside for the summer, They can be planted outside in a well-drained soil; however they must be bought in before the frosts, Although any good potting medium should be suitable, loam based compost such as John Innes No 3 with added grit to improve the drainage are often easier to manage, Top dress containers, removing and replacing the top 5cm (2ins) of potting media, once a year and then re-pot about every second year or so, taking care not to overly damage the fleshy roots. Strelitzia reginae ‘Kirstenbosch Gold’ (syn. Prick out and pot on into individual pots using John innes No 3 with added grit, or other free draining potting medium, when the seedling are of a good size and have two to three leaves. These should be taken back right down to the base with a sharp pair of secateurs. The biggest drawback is typically its size (they grow up to 5 feet) and the fact that plants need 3 to 5 years before they will flower. The Strelitziaceae family is host to the Strelitzia reginae, which is a well-known South African plant that is identifiable for its striking colours and unique shape. There are five varieties of this perennial plant, the most common of which is the Strelitzia reginae and Strelitzia nicolai, or the white bird of paradise. Hi, I have grown Strelitzia reginae and also the juncea and parvifolia for about the last 5 years in 60litre bags. Those gorge… Summary of Strelitzia facts. Let the soil dry slightly between waterings. You should keep the soil moist during the warmer months to prevent wilting. Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia, Crane Flower common). The plant needs warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine to produce the characteristic blooms. These plants require regular feeding during growing season (April until September in Britain). If they are left to sit in boggy soil, the fleshy roots will slowly rot, killing your plant. Let the surface of the soil dry out between waterings in spring and summer; water sparingly in winter. If the roots appear to be cramped in the current container, have someone assist you in moving it to a size larger pot. Strelitzia reginae, commonly known as the crane flower or bird of paradise, is a species of flowering plant indigenous to South Africa. Strelitzia reginae, also known as crane flower, is native to South Africa and derives its name from the unusual flowers, which resemble brightly colored birds in flight. For indoors, I would highly recommend going for the less common Reginae as they're much, much smaller and easy to manage if … See house plants that not only spruce up the home but remove harmful toxins. The Bird of Paradise is delightfully easy to care for and enjoys warm, balmy days year round. Place in a bottom heated-propagator, at temperatures of 18-21°C (65-70°F). Seed … Leaf browning and lack of flowering Slow growth, browning of leaf-tips and edges, leaf deformities and failure to flower are all signs that the growing conditions are not suitable. Whether you have a crane lily (Strelitzia reginae) or a white bird of paradise (Strelitzia nicolai) growing indoors, the care requirements are all the same.The three most critical needs for bird of paradise plants to thrive are: Bright light. The distinctive bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae or Strelizia nicolai) is one of the best known of all the tropical flowers and is a cousin to the banana.Surprisingly, the bird of paradise is easier to grow than many tropical plants and makes for a vigorous, rapidly growing indoor plant. Dormancy Care & Annual Blooms. S. reginae is very well known, and arguably the most common species (picture above). Two weeks before sowing remove the orange tufts from the seed and place in a plastic bag with a hand full of fresh compost. Strelitzia reginae, called bird of paradise, is probably one of the most well-known plants in the world. Flowering occurs multiple times a year if the plant is well taken care of. These When propagated by division, the process interrupts the growth cycle of the parent plant, resulting in a year without blooms. When in bloom, three orange sepals stick up from the spathe, along with three blue petals that hold the nectar of the flower. Strelitzia reginae is not hardy and requires a minimum winter night temperature of 10-12°C (50-54°F) They also prefer a humid atmosphere, which is why they tend to thrive and flower well in conservatories and glasshouses. However, you should avoid over-watering to prevent root rot. This is the common Strelitzia reginae type of plant that most of us know. It is sometimes referred to as the Crane plant due to the flowers looking like the feathers on the head of a crane. They love humid and hot climates and can grow up to 30 inches in height if left in the wilderness. It was first introduced to Europe by explorers in 1773, and has become a common ornamental plant in places that feature a warm climate year-round. Name – Strelitzia reginae Family – Strelitziaceae Type – perennial. Strelitzia Strelitzia. times, RHS Registered Charity no. The flower is well known accross the world for its striking colours and shape. It is a long lived plant, and takes up to three years to begin producing flowers. Daytime temperatures of 68°-72° and night temperatures of 50° to 55° are optimal. It rewards a minimum of care with lush blossom splendure. General care . Warm temperatures. The plant grows to over 6 feet tall, and is designed to fully support the weight of birds who stop to eat the nectar. Germination should take about four to eight weeks. Height 1.5m (4ft) Spread: 1.5 (4ft), S. nicolai: Known as the giant white bird of paradise, which reaches giant heights and is only suitable for a conservatory Height: 10m (33ft) spread: 3.5m (12ft), S. alba: The blooms are completely white as the name suggests and lack the blue flash found on other species. The bird of paradise belongs to the Strelitziaceae plant family and its formal plant name is Strelitzia. Strelitzia reginae, the 'Bird of Paradise' plant, was introduced to this country from it's native South Africa.It has become popular, partly because it's an easy plant to care for but mainly because when it flowers, it is quite stunning. 222879/SC038262, They also prefer a humid atmosphere, which is why they tend to thrive and flower well in conservatories and glasshouses. All plants are grown by propagating divisions from large excavated clumps. Strelitiza reginae can be propagated from seed and divisions. They love humid and hot climates and can grow up to 30 inches in height if left in the wilderness. This south African native has glaucous banana-like leaves and bright architectural flowers. Strelitzia reginae is the plant with the familiar orange and blue flowers. If you take care of some basic nurturing principles, this exotic, not winter-hardy plant will thrive magnificently. Pests Strelitzia’s suffer from the typical glasshouse pests including scale insect, glasshouse red spider mite and mealybug. In a windy site the leaves will become shredded and tatty. Height – 3 to 6 ½ feet (1 to 2 meters) Exposure – full sun, part sun Soil – … It is a bold structural plant, which forms large evergreen clumps of stiff leaves growing up from the base. The grey-green banana-like leaves grow about 3 ½ to 4 feet in height and the flowers stand above the foliage at the tips of long stalks. Bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae) is an evergreen lasting, up to 6.6 feet (2 m) tall. The strelitzia reginae (scientific name) is one of the most spectacular flowering plants that can be grown indoors, when the correct conditions are provided. Join The Strelitzia can be propagated from seeds or by division. Flowering can take up to 10 years from this stage. Cattleya, Lycaste, Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum. If the pot is big enough It can grow to 2 m / 6.6 ft tall, with large, tough banana like leaves 25–70cm / 9.8–28in long. Strelitzia reginae is the most popular Bird of Paradise plant. Genus. Species. This red flush is a random occurrence, sometimes taking place on some leaves of a plant, while other leaves of the same plant remain completely green. Above 70 ºF (21 ºC), this plant should be relocated to a partial shade environment in order to avoid sunburn on the flowers. Sow the seeds in any good seed compost including John Innes Seed Compost, giving each seed a good spacing of 2.5cm (1in). During the summer months, the soil should be kept moist through regular watering. This plant prefers normal air humidity inside the home. Bird of paradise - The Strelitzia Reginae. How it looks: At an average of over 6 feet tall, this plant has the appearance of a bird's head when it is flowering. The leaves are evergreen, while the flowers will come and go. Check the roots of this plant in the late winter. Heliconia alba (basionym), Heliconia augusta, Strelitzia alba subsp. The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s leading gardening charity. They can cope with either very little water or lots – provided that the water is running through the soil away from the plant. A standard potting soil will suffice for this plant's continued health. Offer this plant a balanced fertilizer every two weeks throughout the spring and summer. Above 70 ºF (21 ºC), care instructions do change slightly. Strelitzia reginae Strelitziaceae PLANT CARE. Poisonous: This species is mildly toxic for cats, dogs and people which would need to be consumed in fairly large amounts to affect the person or pet.

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