vendakkai poriyal with curd

Vendakkai Poriyal is a traditional and common stir fry made using Okra (Vendakkai) and mild spices. Try to give your kids too. This is a very simple recipe, the sourness from tamarind and the spiciness from green chilli, … Another important thing, while cooking the okra becomes half in quantity. This is another different yet tasty recipe with lady’s finger. Its best serve with sambar , kara kuzhambhu , also with curd rice. We usually make sambar, fry vendakkai. Now add chopped vendakkai, stir in medium low flame. Healthy and comfort curry… gonna try tomorrow, These are simple recipes . Description: Simple stir fried Okra/ Lady’s finger/ Vendakkai in spice powder with roasted peanuts. But this recipe calls for the use of curd. Recipes, Food Community & Kitchenwares (8,719) Download ... Add curd and mix well cook for 4-5minuts. Vendakkai poriyal is a simple dish. Vendakkai Poriyal / Okra dry curry (with tomato) November 7, 2013 December 4, 2013 by nithyabalaji, posted in South Indian. 5. Please check below for step by step instructions and pictures for preparing Vendakkai Poriyal - Lady's finger dry curry. If you are not adding enough water to bind the flour to the ladies finger, the fries will come out so white and wont turn golden while frying and it spoils the oil(the flour). Vendakkai Mor Kuzhambu and vendakkai puli Kuzhambu are other tasty okra based recipes form TMF. Your email address will not be published. 1. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You might like these side dish recipes also: Vendakkai (lady’s finger / okra) – 1 bowl or as needed, Shallots (small onions) – 6 to 7 nos(chopped finely), Red chili powder / kuzhambhu milagai thool – 1 tbsp. She in turn got special tips for this recipe from my FIL That is to fry ladies finger in generous oil and the masala has to be roasted until browned to get a perfect and delicious curry. Adding more water also will turn the fries chewy. Now add in the lady finger and saute them in the oil for 2 mins. Do not add more water as it makes the poriyal mushy. I used to make one pound (450 grams) of okra, it is enough for a small family of three. 2. We tend to normally use this vegetable in Sambar, Morkuzhambu and Poriyal. Vendakkai Fry / Ladies Finger Poriyal or Varuval. Make Vendakkai Poriyal: Heat a pan with oil. I found this interesting since it is made in a different way without adding curd … Tips are given below to overcome the stickiness in Lady's finger while cooking. Cook Vendakkai poriyal in the comfort of your home with BetterButter. Heat a kadai, add oil, season with mustard, urad dal, jeera, red chilies and curry leaves. Vendakkai Mor kuzhambu is authentic South Indian Okra curd curry recipe which has unique flavor of okra , coconut,curd and perfect for eating it along with rice and spicy side dish.My family loves this Vendakkai Mor kuzhambu with Potato fry and its perfect combo .Make sure to cut Okra in 1 inch size and not into small pieces.If you are planning for quick vegetarian curry then prepare this delicious easy … Love this simple and delicious vendakkai poriyal, perfect with some sambar rice.. Cut lady’s finger slight thick not too thin. 1. Ladies Finger fry | Bhindi fry | vendakkai poriyal - YouTube You can also use idli podi to make the okra poriyal flavorful. Rava Nuts Cake (No Oven cake) | Pressure cooker cake | Tea Cake, Banana Cake in 15 mins in frying pan (No Oven cake), Adhirasam Vellam Paagu Preparation (Diwali Sweets), Best Oven Toaster Griller in India – 2020, Vendhaya Kali | Traditional Kali recipe | Fenugreek Kali, Green moong dal veggie rice | Pachai payaru sadham | Babies and toddlers rice recipe (10+ months), Homemade Rice cereal for 6+ months babies, Eggless Banana Muffin/Wholewheat Banana Muffin, Healthy homemade Ragi cookies(Teething cookies 10 months+), Ragi Egg Paniyaram | Toddler and Kids Snack recipe, Urasu Marundhu for babies| Urai Marundhu | Traditional & Homemade Medicine | உரசு / உர மருந்து, Tea Kadai Kajada | Muttaikose Sweet | Evening Snack. With finely sauteed bhindi and spices, Vendakka Pachadi has that quintessential crunch derived from urad dal, chana dal plus a dash of tang from curd and even the splendid flavor of tadka! Adjust salt and chili powder as per your need. How to make vendakkai poriyal: Wash okra (lady’s finger), cut both ends, chop into fine pieces. It makes a nice combo for everyday sambar, rasam or curd rice varieties. After it is slightly cooked, add turmeric powder, chilli powder, coriander powder, salt needed, 1 tsp curd and cook covered till it changes color and is slightly crispy. My mom in law adds a tsp or 2 tsps of curd instead of water for binding the flour. It gives even more crispier fries. I love vendakkai / ladies finger / okra / bhindi in any form, with curd I know I will love it for sure and I did Hubby too liked it and gave a big thumps up as he was not convinced when I said am going to make Bhindi raita but then when he tasted it, he loved it too.This pairs up well with rotis and for rice with sambar and poriyal. Cool … Vendakkai Puli Pachadi (Spicy and Tangy Lady's Finger) Another new recipe that I learnt last week from my hubby's niece. Use a heavy bottomed or non-stick pan to avoid burning at the bottom. 8. But don’t use sour curd, else the veggie smells bad. 6. But this recipe calls for the use of curd. It tastes so delicious with sambar, dal tadka, rasam, and curd rice as well. Heat a kadai, add oil, season with mustard, urad dal, jeera, red chilies and curry leaves. Your email address will not be published. Health benefits of Lady’s finger : They are rich source of dietary fibre. Also try to include this veggies once in a week in your diet. While chopping vendakkai, check there are germs in veggies and chop. Keep stirring it now and then for even cooking. Instead of thick curd, you can use 2 cups of buttermilk. I am Sivaranjani Rajendran(Ranjani) , a person behind the blog Ranjani's kitchen, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | © 2020 | Ranjanis Kitchen. It goes well with sambar rice, rasam rice, and curd rice. BetterButter App. The addition of shallots caramelize the poriyal and gives a wonderful taste to this bhindi fry. I have also seen people marinating the chopped veggies in curd before frying it. It should be cooked in a low to medium heat. One day when I had microwaved ladies finger, I thought of giving a try with cooking the entire curry in microwave and it worked. Curd helps to get rid of sliminess easily. Vendakkai Pachadi is more of a lady’s finger raita that has a blend of coconut and tempering as well and is served for Onam Sadya. This step is optional. Tap to view the recipe! Oven Toaster Griller also know as OTG are exclusively used to bake, grill toast and reheat the food. Serve vendakkai poriyal or okra fry with rice, sambar, rasam. Great side dish for rasam and sambar rice. They have large amount of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. Also rich in iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium. When sauting the veggie with curd (step – 3) , do it in high flame only. The Oven, Goat Brain fry | Moolai varuval | Aatu moolai varuval, India's best food home delivery apps and websites, Lady’s finger Curd poriyal | Vendakkai thayir poriyal. Love it. Sprinkle needed salt and stir again. The speicality is using home made … Ladies finger or Okra is an oft-used vegetable in South Indian homes. Here is how to make okra fry with stepwise pictures. Puli saru, Brinjal poriyal, vendakkai poriyal – Lunch menu 46 September 20, 2014 by Raks Anand Leave a Comment This weekend lunch menu is simple comfort food with this puli saru, which is less noticed recipe here, its amazingly delicious and flavorful. I have also seen my cousin making the amazing roast with the lid on throughout, but I have never tried. Heat a kadai, add oil, season with mustard, urad dal, jeera, red chilies and curry leaves. Okra stir fry is a very popular side dish that is served or eaten with rice/chapati. Cover it and cook for 8-10 minutes. Just make a note of it. Lower the flame and add ½ tsp mustard seeds & … Add onion and sauté till it turns translucent. Eat this with chapathi or roti as well. Add in mustard seeds and allow them to pop. 9. Vendakkai AKA Okra/ bhendi is one of the veggie I love to eat,especially this recipe I learnt from my MIL is so yummy with sambar rice. Add in curd and mix well. Required fields are marked *. It is a South Indian style Okra stir fry recipe. Vendakkai Poriyal ,healthy, how to fry okra with less oil, how to make non sticky lady finger poriyal, Kids n Infant Corner, Nitha Kitchen, Poriyal, reduced oil okra stir fry, Traditional Kongu Foods, Veg, Vegan poriyal with shredded coconut and chana dhal mixed, vendakkaa thoran, vendakkaai recipe It is called ‘Vendakkai’ in Tamil. Okra poriyal is a simple and basic poriyal recipe where most Tamilians prepare this regularly for lunch and dinner. Sprinkle 1 tbsp of water, and close with plate or lid. If I have time I will follow the regular method but for the quick version this microwave Vendakkai fry comes super handy. Heat oil in a kadai. In a shallow frying pan, heat 2 tbsp of sesame oil. So they become more smarter. Once the vendakkai gets cooked, add shredded coconut, mix well and turn off the flame. Learn how your comment data is processed. 21st August 2009 / 9 comments. Add in the sesame and coconut. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This Ladies finger tamarind kootu / vendakkai puli kootu tastes so delicious when had with hot hot steaming rice and goes well with idli, dosa and even chapathi too. A teaspoon of curd or a tablespoon of besan can be added to remove slime while cooking. This is another different yet tasty recipe with lady’s finger. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), 6 Tips for a Successful Cake Delivery Service. Vendakkai poriyal – simple south Indian side dish to make frequently at home. How to make vendakkai poriyal: Wash okra(lady’s finger), cut both ends, chop into fine pieces. I am Sivaranjani Rajendran(Ranjani), an author behind Ranjanis Kitchen. A typical Kongunadu Style Vendaikkai Varuval which goes good with white rice and curd rices. Wash okra(lady’s finger), cut both ends, chop into fine pieces. Gonna try it this weekend. Adjust green chilli as per spiciness preferred for this vendakkai poriyal recipe. Healthy side dish for Sambar rice, rasam rice and curd rice. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Another main thing is you need patience to cook this veggie. Make sure its sour. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The addition of coconut is optional, if you don’t want, you can skip it. Cooking in low flame helps to get good result. Keep the flame low and let it cook for 5 to 7 mins. The cutting broad and knife should be dry as well. Do not boil the curd. Add chopped onions and saute well till it becomes soft and translucent. Dry roast dals in a low heat until they turn aromatic. 3. Adding curd gives little sour taste that will enhance good flavor to the side dish. Or add curd while cooking to prevent it from getting slimy. Add chopped onions and saute well till it becomes soft and translucent. Adding curd gives little sour taste that will enhance good flavor to the side dish. This curry can be served as a side dish for rasam and sambar rice. There are different ways the Vendaikkai fry can be made, but for the poriyal we make it very simple, no-onion-no-garlic and using basic ingredients that most kitchens do have. If your curd or buttermilk is not sour, grind ¼ … Vendakkai poriyal is a good side rich for rice and can be made very easily. Vendakkai Poriyal (Okra / Bhindi Stir Fry) May 18, 2012 by Sharmilee J 20 Comments I had been meaning to click and post this simple stir fry recipe since long but most of the times I make this stir fry in a hurry burry so this delay. Vendakkai fry is a popular side dish that goes well with rice and roti. In this video we will see how to make lady's finger fry in Tamil. Add mustard seeds and when they splutter, add urad dal and let it get roasted to golden brown. 7. Vendakkai poriyal is served as a side dish to Rice. Make sure the okras or vendakkai is washed and pat dried completely. Now add lady finger pieces and mix . We usually make sambar, fry vendakkai. 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